Plan Your Cruise Retreat With Unique Travel!

#Easy & #Profitable

5 Reasons to Choose this Service

  1. ​Offer Your clients a retreat to remember.

  2. Become an International Speaker

  3. Get Your own Cruise for FREE

  4. Just show up and be Awesome

  5. Let me Do ALL the planning and arranging


​– I help you choose your itinerary 
– I set up a timetable with all deadlines
– I make you a digital (and printable) flier to send to your clients promoting the cruise
– I help you plan your group meeting times
– I schedule and reserve meeting space on the ship
– I coordinate group dining so you can all have dinner together
– I break down the cost and build in a profit to pay Cruise and time spent working
– I help create a swag bag for each attendee including custom door decor, custom group t-shirt, custom lanyard, magnetic hooks, etc.
– I teach a special pre-cruise training and orientation, especially helpful for first time cruisers
– I can also help you get a group discount on flights out of one airport in some cases.


– If you want me to accompany you on the cruise, you cover my cruise and air fare in addition to my fee. If I come with you, I will handle all arrangements on the ship, leaving you free to spend your energy on interacting with your clients.
– I can roll the air fare and transportation to and from the docked ship into the price of the cruise and make it a full travel package.

This service has a total value of over $30,000!

My fee is 50% of the profit that we build into the cruise fees for attendees after all expenses. Typically after our costs we can build in a profit of $100-400 per person. For this service you must book 8 cabins, that is 16 passengers (plus 2 free cabins!) making a profit of $800 – $3,200 for us to split after travel expenses. The profit will be dependent upon the number of attendees, the optional packages you can choose to include in their fee, like internet service, beverage packages, prepaid tips, etc., and how much extra you choose to charge over the base price.

Cruise groups come with some special perks that single cruises don’t have. We can go over the list and choose the perks that work best for your group.

My cruise recommendations:

  • 4-5 day cruises over a weekend are the most attractive

  • Alaska cruises are best June – August

  • Caribbean cruises are best January – April and June-August

  • Plan up to a year ahead for best meeting space options

  • Require $200 deposit per cabin due depending on which type of cruise